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A great question to ask is should I winterize my hot tub in San Antonio? The best answer, it depends. If you’re going got use the hot tub just let it run normally. San Antonio winters are fairly light as compared to northern states. You will not have to add any extra chemicals other than your normal routine. Most modern hot tubs are very energy efficient and running them all winter isn’t going to break the bank. What to do if you plan to travel on vacation?

If you’re going away for a few weeks go ahead and sanitize your water before you leave for your trip. You’ll also want to check for any pipes that do not have insulation and be sure to check that the top is well fitting and child safety locks are securely in place if you have them. Furthermore, you can go ahead an lower the temperature of the hot tub around 10 degrees since you’ll not be using it.

The few precautions can save you a few headaches in the winter. But, as mentioned before when discussing winter and hot tubs in San Antonio, you pretty much can just continue your normal routine. With days that reach up into the mid-80s at times, you’ll pretty much be going to be able to use your hot tub year round in south Texas. Just be sure to keep up your normal maintenance.

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