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Beware of Traveling Hot Tub Spa Shows

  1. Traveling Spa road shows that come in from out of town, set up in a large venue, do huge advertising such that people think there are many companies are under one roof, but instead all product is sold by the same manufacturer that doesn’t even have a local dealer.
  2. A hot tub salesman that sells out of a warehouse without a store front. If the price is cheap, rest assured, the product is also. But where is the service department?
  3. Companies that say they have the largest showroom in town or state, but do not.
    What else are they not being truthful about?
  4. Companies that did not originate locally.
  5. Companies that subcontract their work.
  6. Used spas without a warranty
  7. Companies that sell not only hot tubs, but anything for a buck.
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